Satta Lodge is located off the beaten path, in the Caribbean jungle of Costa Rica’s lush southern Caribbean. Find us in Playa Cocles, a small beach town a couple minutes south of Puerto Viejo. We offer a unique space with only 6 bungalows and suites in a private setting where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature just a short walk from one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Let us help you plan your next vacation!


Our suites and bungalows are privately located throughout our property and create the perfect environment to enjoy nature in peace with your partner or traveling companion.

“I really cannot recommend this place enough. I had high expectations after looking it up online, but reality was even better than the instagram pictures I had seen.” – January 2023

Cornelia H.

“Satta Lodge seemed too good to be true & once we arrived it was even better! Private bungalows in the jungle that are open-aired & netted; listening to the jungle all night and the monkeys in the morning was such a treat.” – June 2022

Jennifer J.

“In very short and simple words, this is a magical place. The attention from the owners was incredible; they gave both attention every time we needed it as well as enough space and privacy to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the place.” October 2020

Fabian M.